How to consult the Melclass Database

Please note that you can freely consult the Melclass Database here. You will not need to log in. There is an option to log-in but it is for database maintenance and data submission purposes only.

Please note that:

  • The Committee of Experts CD-P-PH/PHO’s recommendations as well as national classification data can be found under the “Search” tab.

  • If you wish to consult the classification status in Member States and/or additional details concerning the Committee of Experts CD-P-PH/PHO’s recommendations, please click on the black right-pointing arrow (“►”) next to the active substance of interest.

  • If you wish to consult national data and, in particular, conditions for exemptions from prescription status and/or additional details about non-prescription status, please tick the box “National Data” and, after that, click on the black right-pointing arrow (“►”) next to the country of interest.

  • Search filters are available in the “Search” tab allowing you to select a specific ATC code, INN, classification or country.

  • All available data can be saved and/or printed in a user-friendly format by clicking on “All information”.

  • If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact the EDQM at